Caribbean all inclusive holidays including a spa treatment each day

The Oasis Spa

Exotic pleasures await you in our award-winning Oasis spa. The Moroccan theme of the spa’s décor makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Expert hands and healing oils coax stress and tension from every muscle until you feel the glow of profound relaxation. One 50 minute treatment each day is included in your holiday package (except arrival and departure day) and a range of additional treatments are available with an extra charge.

A personalized schedule of included treatments is issued to you to on arrival. If you have particular preferences we can email these to the Spa manger when you make the holiday booking.

Spa - Included Treatments

Silk and Smooth Exfoliation – 50 minute treatment

A gentle exfoliating body polish using silky skin body scrub. This deep pore-cleansing top to toe treatment removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin as smooth as silk, prepared for the sun. Promotes a longer lasting tan.

Float on Air Foot Massage – 50 minute treatment

A special foot massage, including exfoliation and massage from the knees to the toes. It is relaxing and decongesting of the body’s systems and nerve pathways.

Swedish Full Body Massage - 50 minute treatment

The benefits of Swedish Massage are extensive – helps to break down adhesions and lactic acid, improves circulation, thereby improving the lymphatic system, soothes tired, aching muscles etc.

Aromatherapy Massage - 50 minute treatment

Aromatherapy is the use of organic essences of aromatic plants for healing and the maintenance of vitality. It works directly on the lymphatic system rather than the muscular system. Several Oils are often used in combination to promote healing on different levels – physical, mental and emotional.

LaSource Signature Massage - 50 minute treatment

A deep massage of the back, neck and shoulders, designed specifically to ease stress and muscle tension and bring vitality to the body whilst inhaling the diffused aromas of the spices from this beautiful Island.

Restorative Facial - 50 minute treatment

A classic facial, which is deep cleansing and rebalancing, leaving your skin vibrant and radiant. It includes a hand and arm massage.

Arawak Head Massage - 50 minute treatment

An intensive head massage, which includes massage to the upper back, shoulders and neck. The many different movements of this massage will leave your neck and shoulders relaxed and your scalp feeling revitalized. Facial pressure points complete the massage.

Point Salines Body Wrap - 50 minute treatment

Your body is wrapped in seaweed and a thermal blanket applied. This will increase the circulation and lymphatic system and helps to rid the body of built up toxins.

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